Pendula Rosea Dress

Pendula Rosea Dress



60% Polyester, 40% cotton.

Top layer - Hand dip-dyed top and bottom with avocado skins and pips, making blush pink. Bottom half eco dyed using rose petals and dried chrysanthemums.

Underskirt - Screen printed by hand vines leaves using hand made avocado dye (blush pink)

Bust - Hand embroidered using hand dyed (with avocado skins) cotton embroidery threads.

15% of all proceeds go towards the Big C Charity Bridal Boutique in Norwich.


Bust - 14 Inches/ 36.5cm

Waist - 16 Inches/ 41.5cm

Front length (From waist) - 44.5 Inches/ 115.5cm

Back length (From waist) - 57 Inches/ 145.5cm

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Creative Styling @miasylviaa
Photography @Camillaandreaphotography
Modelling @lilliesmithlake