Ivana and I Dress

Ivana and I Dress



Vintage Dress. Hand dyed with turmeric, chlorophyll, dried hibiscus, black turtle beans, avocado and madder.

Flower details around the cuffs and waistline. Embroidered flowers such as; Vervain, Ranunculus and Chrysanthemums hide beneath the colour and climb up the dress creating playful textures.

15% of all proceeds go to Eco Restoration Camps.


Bust - 16 Inches

Waist - 14 Inches

Front length (From neckline) - 50 Inches

Back length (From neckline) - 55 Inches

Front length (From waist) - 9 Inches

Back length (From waist) - 10.5Inches

Arm length - 24.5 Inches

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