Gradus Amoris Dress

Gradus Amoris Dress


the most important conversations
we'll have are with our fingers
when yours nervously graze mine
for the first time during dinner
they'll tighten with fear
when you ask to see me again next week
but as soon as i say yes
they'll stretch out with ease
when they grasp one another
while we're beneath the sheets
the two of us will pretend
we're not weak at the knees
when i get angry
they'll pulse with bitter cries
but when they tremble for forgiveness
you'll see what apologies look like
and when one of us is dying
on a hospital bed at eighty-five
your fingers will grip mine
to say things words can't describe
. - fingers


100% Vintage silk dress. Soft and lightweight mesh underskirt.

Hidden love poems screen printed by hand on lower half of the dress.

Hand dyed using rust, onion skins and avocado skins.

Bust has been screen printed by hand with avocado dye (blush pink) vine leaves. Hand embroidered bust using hand spun and dyed cotton embroidery threads.

15% of all proceeds go towards the Big C Charity Bridal Boutique in Norwich.


Bust - 16.5 Inches/ 42.5cm

Waist - 13 Inches/ 33.5cm

Front length (From neckline) - 56 Inches/143cm

Back length (From neckline) - 72 Inches

Front length (From waist) - 42 Inches/ 107cm

Back length (From waist) - 55 Inches/ 140cm

Arm length - 23 Inches/ 59.5cm

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Creative Styling @miasylviaa
Photography @camillaandreaphotography
Modelling @lilliesmithlake