Christmas Natural dye workshop

Christmas Natural dye workshop



MiaSylvia is an ethical textiles and fashion brand specialising in upcycling textiles and garments.

MiaSylvia hand dyes in small batches with 100% natural pigments from plants, food, and scrap metals so you can consciously make great textile choices for our planet.

The ethos behind MiaSylviais a zero waste policy.

For this Christmas themed workshop, you will learn how to dye a piece of cloth with foraged plants, flowers, and food waste. By cooking together natural pigments and dyes you will form recipes of unique colour, scent, and pattern.

Alongside this cloth, you will hand dye some ribbon. These two elements will be combined for you to then learn the tradition of furoshiki (wrapping presents with fabric) to then use these skills in time for Christmas.

*£26 will include a taught workshop, ribbon hand dyed by you, an instruction A4 sheet and a 25 X 25 inch square of fabric to wrap a present with.

*Please bring a notebook with you.

*There will also be textiles, ribbons, and accessories for sale at this event.

VENUE- Birdcage, 23 Pottergate, Norwich NR2 1DS

DATE & TIME- 16th December, 5pm- 7pm (times may overlap)

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