SoulCircus 2018

MiaSylvia is back from @soulcircusfestival and what an incredible weekend it has been! 💖
Apologies for the lack of posts recently I have rather enjoyed spending some time off the grid, re-grounding myself and centring conversations with loved ones!
I'm totally feeling re-energised and ready for the next adventures 💖
Thankyou everyone for making this weekend so magical and special.
From meeting new souls, practising more yoga through different sequences, learning womb wisdom (totally life changing) and sharing my knowledge on our impact on the planet through conscious textile decisions 💖
.The past couple of years have been incredible trading at festivals, craft fairs and trade shows all over the UK & Europe. Whilst meeting all of the wonderful people who believe in me and the Miasylvia ethos you all continue to contribute to making my dream a reality..... All of you hold a very special place in my heart! ♥️
Totally feeling the love! Now to come back down to reality....😉

Mia Herrod