Method behind the madness

So I have been asked by a few people the process behind my planning and how I dye the dresses. What I have done is document the process with images to show you the journey.Here is a collection of processes from dye bathing with turmeric.....which went extremely vibrant and scared me so I decided to bleach it a little with some non-toxic, non-bio bleach. The next process is rust dying and then placing the fabric in a container of tea, salt, water and vinegar. After this, I have then made pots of dyes (yellow, brown and red all from turmeric and a rust solution) and pipetted the dye onto the embroidery top half of the dress. In between the processes I have mordanted the fabric again.

The final process is screen printing onto the lower half of the dress with the faded flower print whihc was inspired by a mirror I saw in Rome.

Mia Herrod