Designing for screen printing + samples

From my recent trip to Rome and Milan I was heavily inspired by the architectural colours and the marks made within their sculptures and paintings from various streets and galleries I visited.

From my photography I then drew my favourite shapes and patterns and begun to develop the drawings into some patterns and designs which I liked.

Looking back at these designs now I can clearly see which ones I do and do not like yet at the time they were all my favourite!

For example, the arrow heads worked really well for a regal look and I thought this was suiting for the wedding industry however, once the design was printed onto fabric I couldn't get my head around that it looked as though it had been digitally produced and it did not look fluid enough. 

When screen printing onto naturally dyed fabrics I have learnt that the design must have the same feel to the fabric. the natural  of natural dying means that its random, fluid, natural and has a nice flow to it. This has taught me that matching these characteristics within the designing really helps the two processes compliment each other.

The images towards the bottom are the designs screen printed onto fabrics. 

I screen print with natural dyes which I have made into screen printing pastes.

Some of the images are of my designs broken up. To do this I laid ripped pieces of paper onto the screen before pulling the printing pastes down the screen.

By doing so this gives the design a broken and fluid look, matching the natural or the dyed fabrics. By testing this out I have now discovered that the thinner and longer the ripped pieces of paper, the more organic the look.