Rust dying development

From one of my previous posts, I spoke about some rust dyed samples that I was creating for the I-Dott competition.
I created natural repeated patterns using rusty tools and folding the fabric in specific ways so that the dye creates a repeat.
This is known as shibori dying ☀️
The pieces of fabrics I was previously testing I asked you all on the instagram post which one was your favourite and then I used the chosen one! 🔸
What I have continued to do with this favourite sample is scan it in and uploaded it to the computer.
I have then repeated this onto photoshop over 6 times which has made this image!
The second picture is the fabric alone and the first picture is the fabric repeated in Photoshop. This now means that once this repeated image is uploaded for manufacturers to produce it can then be repeated multiple ways.

Mia Herrod