The magic of avocado

Life is pretty manic and busy at times and especially now coming up to the finale of my degree.
We're all busy in our day to day lives and it's really important to just spend a moment on something that takes you away from the amazing madness of our lives. 🌿

Today has been busy from beginning to end!
I'm currently starting a new course at work to begin different qualifications and knowledge in the care sector of my job.
This new course has me studying dementia in depth, how our brains work and this really puts into perspective the simple things in life we take for granted.
Tell someone you love that you love them always and never hold back on spreading joy within your life. ♥️
Dyeing fabrics with organic ingredients are one of these 'little things' in life that gives me joy and peace.
I'll leave you all with a photo of some dyeing I have managed to squeeze in between uni and work and the madness today.
The scrumptious pink dye is made from the magic of an avocado.
The fabric is being dyed for a piece I'm working on for @mostcuriouswedfair which will be happening next Sunday in Norwich 🌼

The bundle wrapped a piece of fabric is a silk and bamboo mix fabric. the fabric has been dyed with avocado and then wrapped with onion skins and steamed. The silk shawl has been hand made and hand dyed for mothers day.
. 💕 Hope to see you all there! 💕

Mia Herrod