Experimenting with logwood, black beans and hibiscus.

Experimenting with different colours for a commissioned headscarf. I have used pot dyeing for the logwood (purple), Black beans (blue) and hibiscus (pinks, red and navy).

I have rolled up ingredients in a silk and bamboo mixed fabric. When steaming the rolled fabric I used the logwood dye in the pan to steam with. Half of the fabric was submerged in the logwood dye by accident but now I believe this has become a happy accident. 

As seen in the images there are before and after images of the fabric being washed. Before the fabric is a bright pinks, oranges, and purples. After being washed the hibiscus holds different properties with the type of water. I wash with cold water and a few drops of ecosia.

Hibiscus is a funny flower. When you wash the hibiscus dyed fabric with tap water it will turn blue and rainwater will turn grey. However, if you wish to keep the lovely pink/red I would recommend leaving the fabric for a few weeks before washing and the pinks should last.

Mia Herrod