Dyeing fabrics in the kitchen

Naturally dying some samples for my new projects. I always use organic fabrics for my textiles either from @organic_textile_company or from charity shops.
By doing so means wasting less recourses and not buying into new products which helps mother nature step by step. 🔅
All of the ingredients I use are from foraging walks or found in the kitchen cupboard.
The colours I have produced here are lovely and fresh.
They have me looking forward to springs new beginnings and feeling the warmth of the sun.
But for now I'll stay indoors cooking up some colours in the kitchen and staying warm from the chill outside. 💛
🌿 Have a lovely evening 🌿
From top to bottom;
▪️White onion skins
▪️Avocado pips
▪️Avocado mixed with ferrous sulphate
▪️Malotira foraged in Crete
▪️Avocado skins

Mia Herrod