Less waste halloween ideas

Happy Halloween!

This year my lovely friend hosted a halloween party in her new home based in Sheffield.

I am absolutely blown away and in love with her halloween tips and ideas, unfortunately I did not capture many images however, I’ll list a few of the ideas below!

  • Hand-made origami bat decorations (tutorials found on youtube) these are so simple yet effective and cute! They also look really nice made with newspaper pages!

  • Once the pumpkins are all carved and you have the excess insides, cook up a yummy and spicy curry inside another pumpkin. Just simply follow your favourite curry recipe, pour curry into the pumpkin, cover with foil and slowly cook in the oven for roughly 40 mins!

  • Spooky cups and bowls were all salvaged from charity’s in the month of October

  • Apple bobbing and doughnuts on stings were all put into place for fun games!

  • Fairy lights were scattered into bowls and then covered with stretched cotton/ cob webs to give a spooky illusion of a witches boiling cauldron