The faces behind the competition brief- heritage

For the competition at the castle museum in Norwich i have decided to look into the colours in which i have inherited through the people of Norfolk. Whether it be donated, up-cycled or re-used all of these people have had a key role within my work.

Micheal Mitchel owns a scrap yard and he shares the same ethos of recycling and donates old rusty tools to me.

Kevin Howes owns a flower stall and the flowers which are no longer suitable to be sold he gives them to me so that i can then re-use these to dye fabric with.

James Reed owns an organic produce stall and sells to me locally sourced fruit and vegetables such as red cabbage which i use to dye fabric with.

At Fat Face they have sustainable textile values and re-use their delivery bags. When the clothes arrive they are bound together with off cuts of fabric.

Every week or so Fat Face allow me to come and collect these off cuts which would otherwise go to landfill.