Work shop outcomes.

13/12/2016 Since todays workshop i am feeling fully inspired and ready to go for my experimenting and perfecting outcomes and pieces for fashion.

I have worked with a context of certain garment I'm interested in and have scanned some paintings to fit in.

With these garments I'm still looking into mess with paint and also the simplicity of it.

After looking at Robert Rymans simplistic white paintings I'm really wanting to use his technique of simple colouring (white) with the messy texture of it within the fabrics.

Whilst keeping within this simple tones and textured ideas i still obvioulsy want to use the crazy prints and patterns i have made in colour.

Im going to tie these two ideas in perfectly so that they contrast.

i.e. a textured white garment with a crazy colourful detail such as a collar, cuffs and pockets.