Workshop Samples

  Here are 4 screen prints that i played around with in the studio. They are printed with procien dyes which i have done on an open screen or with a spatula. I also hand painted on the screen with plain procien paste to give the burnt away effect. Then i carefully marked out each triangle with tape to then screen print glue onto the prints. During this process i had already used foiling for another print i had done so with the leftover scraps i hand cut each triangle to fit where the glue was printed. Finally i heat pressed the foiling down. (before foiling i steamed and hand washed each piece) One of these prints has my other screen print of the bearded man onto it also and i used black procien dye for this.

Im so over the moon with these outcomes and i think they really stand out as experimental samples in my wellbeing project because they are completely opposite colours and a different mood to my project. I just really like how it looks old and rusted and how the re-used foiling has reciprocated that look too.