Finale piece (No.1) Wall hanging

Hand Screen printed design of my drawing. The drawing is of a man i met at my old job being a waitress. he would come in for coffee. He was in his mid 60's and had a large white beard and a mandala tattooed onto his head. He was also covered in tattoos all over. I thought he was such a character and i had never met or seen anyone to come close to being the same as him.

Because i have been looking at festivals also and the decor and what type of people are found at a festival i thought he would be an absolute perfect example of my research. Used an old painting i had done of him and re-designed it using the triangle patterns and themes that i had been testing around with.

Printed onto either sublimation prints or t-shits with procian dyes and white opaque binder which has then been heat pressed to seal.