A moment. A memory. Those butterfly feelings.

That butterfly effect.


Let's create something beautiful together.

Sourcing, supplying and dying 

MiaSylvia is a moment. A memory. A butterfly feeling and effect.

To ensure you find your perfect dress we will work with you to find a beauty hidden in an attic, a charity shop or a vintage store.

Once you have said yes to your dress, we will then work together with your chosen colour palette and the specific florals and foliages in your boquete so that we can then compose colour and patterns within the fabric.

Our hand-made dyes are 100% natural and organic. Because of the nature of the dyes, colour matches and patterns may vary slightly and aftercare is paramount to sustain colour within the garment.

Our services are designed, up-cycled and coloured in small batches. 0% of chemicals are used within this process, this can result in small colour runs, or fading in areas. 
Please always follow the care label.

Our dressmakers specialise in bridal gown re-modelling. We can bring your dress up to date so that it looks the way you want it. We can remodel the neckline, skirt and sleeves. Whether your dress is brand new or vintage, beaded or lace, we can alter it, tweak it and perfect it for you so that it looks exactly the way you want it.


Lets get started

You’re here because you  have decided to make a conscientious transformation to a valuable garment.  To best meet your needs, we like to offer a consultation.

With a few key points of information, we will be able to help you refine the options available. If you know what you want, we’re ready to go!

  • The fabric and garment type

  • The event and event theme

  • Age of garment

  • Personal connection to the garment that might facilitate colour choice or design

  • Feel free to send us any samples or examples you may have that best represent any ideas you have